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I grew up in the humble beginnings of Camden, New Jersey where it was and still is survival of the fittest. Growing up the two things I enjoyed most was exercising and playing sports. I remember my brother and I would have push-up competitions or would be playing sports inside the house until we got in trouble. At a young age, I fell in love with the game of football and my passion allowed me to have a lot of success very early.

However, it was my passion for fitness that transitioned over to the field allowing me to have success. Being a undersize linebacker motivated me to get in the best physical shape possible, in order to compete at a high level. Constantly, I would run extra sprints after practice and stay in the weight-room late to become stronger. Through my passion for fitness, I found success in football earning several awards including a scholarship to Evangel University to play football.

Nevertheless, my success in football transitioned over in college leading to more achievements such as reaching PRs (Personal Records) in the weight-room and being selected as team captain amongst my peers. However, I discovered my true love for health & fitness in college, from there I knew I was going to pursue fitness as a career. In school I would often get lots of friends and teammates asking for tips on workouts. In addition, the more I shared my workout routines and diet tips, I found great fulfilment in helping others reach their fitness goals. Again, this was confirmation that fitness was my true calling in life.

After graduating college, I returned back home to (Camden, New Jersey) where I began to pursue my career in fitness full-time. I worked for several local gyms and found myself beginning to lose passion for the fitness industry, realizing majority of big fitness clubs cared more about sales than the actual clients. However, in 2016 I was fortunate to open my own private practice and it was the best decision I have ever made. Finally, I was able to implement the fitness journey experience my way sharing tips & secrets I discovered. Today, I stand amongst the Top Independent Personal Trainers in the Tri-state area as well as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for Camden High-school Football Team.

Furthermore, I have helped many people reach unbelievable goals both in fitness and sports. My program have helped clients lose as much as 100lbs in 6 months as well as helped athletes become stronger & faster than they ever imagined. Inclosing, the most fulfilling part of life is our ability to give back and help others, allow me to give back to you by sharing my tips & secrets I discovered within my 7 years of personal training. If you are interested in a training program that will allow you to achieve goals beyond your imagination, your one click away!! Book your session today!!